Get over the excruciating pain of your breakup faster and easier than you ever thought possible

Have you recently experienced a breakup or divorce with someone you cared for and are asking “Now, what?” And if so, are you:


  • Feeling unworthy?
  • Fighting off negative emotions such as loneliness, anxiety and fear? and are wondering what to do next?


I’m Daryl Moore and I totally relate… Been there.

You can read more of my story on my About page but in a nutshell when my wife of 26 years dumped me unexpectedly, my entire life spiraled downhill. We divorced, we lost our home against the divorce to a catastrophic fire, and our 14-year-old son took his own life.

As you can well imagine, I struggled with intense feelings of rejection, uncertainty, and my own self worth. I’ve been through hell.

But, I’ve also come back. I eventually found a way to master my negative emotions and started re-designing my future. Now, I have regained my confidence, I live purposefully and I have much closer relationships with my loved ones. I moved through a portal from a past life to a brand new one.

My mission is to do the same for you

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After a breakup or divorce, one small distinction can start a change of direction from pain to healing.  This interview shares some practical tips to change the momentum.


“I had reached out to Daryl for guidance after my relationship ended. To know someone else had suffered as I have, in similar ways, he can relate to me. He helped lead me out of the darkness, which has been so comforting. Daryl has the best outlook on relationships and gives me hope for the future. He taught me patience and getting to know myself right now, and now I know I am ready when the right one enters my life. “

-- Nicole Chavez-Bender, Colorado

“Thank you for being an inspiration. Losing your marriage is pretty tough and your posts and page help keep me going.”

-- Becca Shewan, UK