Being abandoned in a love relationship is devastating. Every wound emotionally seems to be opened and stacks on past experiences to hurt even more. It is easy to slip into “this world sucks” attitude. It seems all or nothing. Blocks of pain exist and we lose pieces of our lives stuck in a state of torture.

Against my divorce I had a terrible inner dialogue. I has challenges trying to silence this dialogue. With thoughts flying a thousand miles an hour and the feelings that follow, it was no wonder that my results all contained pain. The worst part was that this energy was impacting my children, who needed me more than ever. I can’t imagine I was a great friend to others at that time either.

I was at a breaking point emotionally at that time. I was still drinking (rum and cokes at that time) and I knew all the ways to superficially deal with my emotions and losses. I hit my limit of emotional stress and knew it was killing me. I decided to take gaps of time just to be in the moment and not lend any thoughts to the divorce. Just having those gaps removed a ton of pressure. I took time to really smell the coffee or espresso I was having. I took time to look into my son’s eyes and experience his world. It gave me a break in the pressure I was experiencing. In short, I gave myself a break.

There are so many great focuses and experiences we can have. When we are blinded to our problems, and stay in them, that is the reality we will live in. Instead take time to just experience the good around you at this moment. Stop and breathe and take it all in. Happiness and peace are things we tune into. They will not just be supplied.