“When my relationship ended, I thought my life was about to as well. My life had turned upside-down within a matter of a few words and I was a wreck, I had no idea which direction to turn or how to cope with the thoughts and emotions I was experiencing. Daryl, in his book Abandoned and Shattered,  provided me with the tools and resources at the exact moment in time I needed them. It gave me valuable insight from someone who has been through a similar situation and came out on top, beyond what I ever thought was possible. The tools and takeaways section at the end of each chapter provided me with ways to remind myself about what I had just read and be able to fully understand how to utilize and put it into practice it in my life. I have found myself re-reading sections of the book countless times and looking back at my first experiences for reference to see just how far I have come in such a short time period. The complete transformation is indescribable. I never thought after reading these 232 pages I would be able to move on past my previous long term relationship and have a completely new outlook on my life. I have hope for the future like I have never had before, and I owe it to this book.”

Dylan Roby, Colorado

“I had reached out to Daryl for guidance after my relationship ended. To know someone else had suffered as I have, in similar ways, he can relate to me. He helped lead me out of the darkness, which has been so comforting. Daryl has the best outlook on relationships and gives me hope for the future. He taught me patience and getting to know myself right now, and now I know I am ready when the right one enters my life. “

Nicole Chavez-Bender, Colorado

“Thank you for being an inspiration. Losing your marriage is pretty tough and your posts and page help keep me going.”

Becca Shewan, UK