Hi, I'm Daryl Moore

A few years ago, I was going through a painful divorce after 26 years together. Not having my wife loving me anymore was a lot like not being able to breathe. After she announced that she wanted a divorce I tried to get her to see why we could make it work. I desperately attempted to make her feel guilty for breaking up our family and worked to get her to see how divorce affected the children. The more I tried the more rejected I felt when my efforts and love were not reciprocated. I became bitter. I began to live in anger and resentment.

During this same time period, one night a friend of my daughter's was at our house and he put a cigarette out on the side of our home. The flame of the cigarette hit some flammables and jumped up to the siding of the home. The fire did serious damage and most of our personal items had to be replaced. We endured months of having our home demolished and rebuilt. This added even more tension to the marriage and the divorce was delayed until after the rebuild was complete.

The ultimate happened when about a year after our divorce our middle son Dylan took his own life. I felt like I was stuck in a tsunami – everything had crashed down around me, and this was the darkest period of my life.

Fast forward to one night after all this had happened. I was alone now and in the habit of coming home after work and going right to the liquor cabinet to dull the pain.This particular evening, I found myself staring at the bottle of rum...then for some reason looked over to the blank notebook on my desk. I looked back and forth several times. Booze...notebook...notebook...booze.

I’m not sure why, but I grabbed the notebook and a pen and decided to make this a journal where each time I felt a flash of inspiration I would write down that thought. It would serve as a reminder of a hopeful future any time I was in the midst of all these negative emotions. This journal was a turning point between the crushing end of my relationship and a future with promise.

Another turning point for me came when I committed to read motivating books daily. So many helpful books! One that helped me back then was a book by Dr. Wayne Dyer booked entitled “You’ll See It When You Believe It.” As I started reading, I realized I was only stuck emotionally now because I was living with a limiting mental paradigm and mindset. I continue to study books of this type as a constant reminder that there is always a place to turn to in our own minds that is positive and has solutions to most problems. You never need to lose hope.

Then, another inspiration struck me that has changed my approach to life. I came up with the idea of creating what I call my “Life Compass” and designed a philosophy called “True North.” It’s about the values I now live by, my changed beliefs toward myself and others, my life vision and goals, and being on purpose about building a life of meaning for me and others. I review my Life Compass daily.



Daryl Moore is a Relationship Separation Specialist who helps people who were "dumped" in an intimate relationship to overcome emotional trauma quickly and get to living a life on their terms. He is the author of the book, Abandoned and Shattered: Surviving and Thriving After a Breakup You Didn't Want.

Daryl writes and teaches from personal experience. As mentioned prior, his relationship of over 26 years ended suddenly in a divorce he did not want. Shortly before the divorce, he and his family lost their home to a house fire. Just 14 months after his divorce, Daryl's son Dylan, age 14, took his own life. Daryl hit his own perceived "rock bottom" and had a monumental dark hole to dig out of emotionally. He was able to transition from his complete nightmare to a life of his choosing. Daryl found a new sense of gratitude and now truly appreciates his existence at every turn.

Daryl shares tools and insights that allowed him to go from the lowest point in his life to what he considers a living on his terms now. He documents the process of going through pain and uncertainty, and how he has turned life around 180 degrees. He shares his lessons with energy and hope. His purpose revolves around helping others to get inspired and create lives of fulfillment, even after major setbacks like a divorce.

Even though Daryl believes that his personal experiences have been his deepest learning lessons in life, he also holds solid formal academic credentials. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology from Regis University. He obtained a Master of Business Administration from Regis University. Daryl also achieved a Master of Science degree in change management from Colorado State University. Daryl has created a fantastic quality of life in Colorado with his girlfriend Diane and his two children, Deidre and Devon.