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Are you in a recent breakup or divorce and are having a difficult time getting your mind clear of negative emotions and want some peace in your life?

Are you wanting advice to get your life back on track quickly and to get back to feeling inspired again?

Being abandoned in a relationship truly strikes us in the heart. Even in the middle of turmoil that the end of a relationship brings, a life on your terms is waiting for you. When stuck in emotions that make you feel lousy, it is difficult to sleep or even function at times. The common response is to try to win your ex back, then you feel even worse when they don’t reciprocate your feelings. Your dignity is hanging in the wind. When a tragedy strikes in life, this is the very best time to make changes that will define a more meaningful life. This is the perfect time to place the focus back on you.

Abandoned and Shattered offers solutions to overcoming the unbearable pain. The book is a road map of how I went through a divorce after 26 years with my ex-wife,  and also had a house fire that shook the family and caused extensive damage while robbing us of our personal belongings right against the divorce. Just when I thought  it couldn’t get any worse, our 14-year-old son Dylan took his own life. In the book I share how I overcame these setbacks to build a life that is full of peace and meaning. I lived the terrible heartbreak you are experiencing and was able to turn it all around. The book includes:

  • How to effectively address fear, uncertainty, rejection, and get life under control
  • Stories and examples that will illuminate a path for you to follow
  • How to create a plan that addresses the immediate emotions and transitions you ahead
  • The “must take” steps after learning the breakup is real

Abandoned and Shattered is written from the perspective of a real-life example of divorce after a long-term relationship, not from a counseling office or a person who doesn’t understand what you are going through. The past doesn’t need to be an indication of what the future holds. Though the book can help people initiating the breakup, it is written from the perspective of being abandoned. The book offers a framework  to recovery faster than you ever thought possible.


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